Knowing the current state of the market is crucial when listing your home. An overpriced home can sit on the market for months, while an underpriced home may sell quickly, but for potentially far less money than it’s worth. Before you sell a home, it is vital that you know your home’s true market value in today’s ever-changing real estate market.

Discover you home’s true value through a free Kansas City real estate Market Analysis performed by Team Papa. We want to help you become informed so you can make the best decisions regarding your home and your family. Not interested in selling for awhile? Then Team Papa will keep you updated on homes values through a quarterly e-mail with the latest home values in your neighborhood complete with photos. You can unsubscribe for this service at any time, but homeowners around the Kansas City area find this a very valuable service and a great way to keep updated on the market!

Questions you might have that Team Papa can answer:

  • How much did my neighbor’s home sell for?

  • How do actual sales prices compare to list prices?

  • How many days does it usually take to sell a home in my area?

Maybe you have your eye on a certain Kansas City area neighborhood? You can also use this service to stay up-to-date on the latest values of homes going on the market. Complete the below form or send an email to and we will help!


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